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To purchase or activate RegiStar, first download the installation file and use it to install the evaluation version. Then, press the Buy RegiStar or Activate RegiStar button on the evaluation welcome screen and follow the instructions.

If you have already purchased RegiStar and are activating a new installation, you will need to enter your most recent old license key to obtain a new key and complete the activation. If you do not know your most recent old key, you can have it sent to you by email by pressing the Activate RegiStar button and following the instructions.

To install an update over an existing installation of RegiStar, simply run the installation file for the update. Licensing and other settings should be transferred to the updated installation, except that any Taskbar shortcut may need to be removed and recreated. If the update does not automatically activate, press the Activate RegiStar button on the welcome screen and follow the instructions. Uninstallation of an existing version first should not be necessary, but in any event will not delete settings.

If a camera-raw file fails to open (for example, a .cr3 file), download and install the current RegiStar release, which supports newer cameras (see RegiStar 1.0.10 build history). See also information on how RegiStar handles raw files and how it decodes camera-raw images.

RegiStar does not currently have direct support for bias frames. However, you can produce bias-subtracted flat-field frames by declaring your bias frames to be dark frames. Note also that the bias offset included in dark frames is automatically subtracted from normal frames when dark frames are subtracted from them. See the “How to preprocess images” and “Preprocess” pages in the RegiStar Help system.

See known issues for a list of known bugs and workarounds for RegiStar 1.0.10.

See build history for a list of patches and bug fixes to RegiStar 1.0.10.

See revision history for a list of the latest added features.

If you have a question about how to use RegiStar, please check RegiStar's included Help system. To contact us for assistance or to report a bug, send an email message to .

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