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RegiStar 1.0.10 Build History

The build history for RegiStar 1.0.10 is given below. Patches are released after the initial build to address bugs and provide improvements. These patches should be installed over an existing installation, without uninstalling the existing installation first.

Build 9886, Nov. 4, 2022 (download): a patch to:

  • repair flat fielding of greyscale images;
  • repair pixel averaging for nonraw 16-bit images;
  • improve pixel averaging when display scaling is large;
  • repair geometric clipping of registered images for which the source image has edges that are mostly out of bounds;
  • repair missing “?” icons for some newly created images in the Groups Manager; and
  • repair glitch in display scaling that can occur when the scaling is very large.

Build 9675, Apr. 6, 2022: a patch to:

  • average pixels when displaying images at low zoom, resulting in smoother zoomed-out views (see the new Pixel averaging Help page);
  • repair some Preferences settings that were not taking effect; and
  • eliminate slow start-up caused by a large RegiStar.ini file.

Build 9360, May 26, 2021: a patch to:

  • use LibRaw as the primary decoder for camera-raw images, so that images produced by newer cameras (e.g. .cr3 files) can be read (more);
  • add a “default” Bayer-array option to Open commands and raw-parameters files;
  • move an image out of its multimember group in case of a .rsm mismatch;
  • display longer file names in some dialogs;
  • display a greater number of images in the Combine dialog;
  • report color multipliers in Properties and FITS headers for raw-to-nonraw output; and
  • separate groups in the RegiStar.ini file with blank lines.

Build 9334, May 3, 2021: a patch to:

  • initialize dialogs including an open or save operation with the most recent directory;
  • allow the Open dialog to handle a much larger number of files;
  • repair functionality of “Preferences > New images > Raw input to non-raw output”;
  • allow dark frames to be subtracted from master flats;
  • provide an option to not overwrite existing files in a Save All command;
  • ensure that the active image is displayed in the Groups Manager;
  • repair a crash that could occur on open of a very large FITS file;
  • ignore the special image itself in a “Preprocess > Images in folder” command; and
  • implement automatic update checking when an evaluation RegiStar session starts.

Build 9307, Apr. 3, 2021: a patch to:

  • repair a glitch in the flat fielding of raw images introduced in build 9294; and
  • repair: raw images could, rarely, render as completely black when being viewed as Gray.

Build 9294, Mar. 20, 2021: a patch to:

  • repair the numerical gamma field in the Display Control dialog;
  • repair the Display Control dialog for raw images being viewed as Gray;
  • improve entry of display parameters via numerical fields in the Display Control dialog;
  • restore missing fields in the FITS header;
  • improve the color balance of bright pixels in raw images; and
  • implement automatic update checking when a licensed RegiStar session starts.

Build 9263, Feb. 20, 2021: the initial release of RegiStar 1.0.10.

See known issues for a list of known bugs and workarounds for RegiStar 1.0.10.

See revision history for a list of the features added in RegiStar 1.0.10.

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