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Known Bugs and Issues

Below are lists of bugs awaiting resolution and also other known issues. When bugs are resolved, a patch will be available at the Download page. Workarounds are given if known.

To contact us to report a bug or issue not on this list, please send an email message to .


  • No bugs are currently known.

Known Issues

  • The progress bar may stop updating if a large amount of image data is opened or saved. The program has likely not hung up or crashed. Just wait until the I/O is complete.
  • The display may freeze when a complex redraw of an image window is in progress. To refresh the display, restore the main RegiStar window down and then back up.
  • In a Calibrate operation with the All open images... option selected, an “insufficient overlap” error may appear if an image has significant geometric edge curvature. Press Cancel to avoid subsequent incorrect calibrations.

See build history for a list of patches and bug fixes to RegiStar 1.0.10.

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