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  Current Build: 9886 (see build history and revision history)

Specify whether your computer has a 64-bit or 32-bit operating system and press the Download button. Then run the downloaded installation file RegiStarInstaller.msi.

If you have not yet purchased RegiStar, an evaluation version of RegiStar, in which saving is disabled, will be installed. It includes a complete Help system with a small tutorial and a few sample images. When you are ready to purchase RegiStar and convert the evaluation version to a fully functional one, you will need to obtain a License Key through the Auriga Imaging website. This key can be obtained by pressing the Buy RegiStar button in the opening evaluation screen. The current single-user price for RegiStar 1.0 is $99.00 US.

If you have already purchased RegiStar and have activated a previous version of it on your current computer, an activated copy of the current version of RegiStar will automatically be installed. If you have purchased RegiStar but not yet activated it on your current computer, you can activate the new installation by pressing the Activate RegiStar button in the evaluation screen. See RegiStar Support for additional detail.

RegiStar is available only as a Windows program. It runs under Windows Vista and higher.

Use of the 64-bit version instead of the 32-bit version is highly recommended. Please see Downloading 32-bit RegiStar before downloading the 32-bit version.

The RegiStar License Agreement is presented during the installation process. You should read it carefully and install RegiStar only if you agree with the terms. See also Auriga Imaging Policies for security and other policies.

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