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RegiStar registers most images that have at least a 1% overlap and at least 10 stars in common, even if they contain a large amount of noise such as hot pixels. The advanced matching algorithm used by RegiStar is scale and orientation independent, so two or more images of varying magnifications and orientations can be registered. The registration functions built by RegiStar automatically correct for lens distortions, so it can align images taken with very different optical systems. Most images are registered to subpixel accuracy.

RegiStar can process several images at once, in a batch. An entire directory of images can be registered using a single command, and image calibration and assembly commands can also handle multiple images. In addition to these interactive batch commands, RegiStar has powerful scripting capabilities that allow common workflows to be automated.

RegiStar supports images in camera-raw (e.g. .CR2, .NEF), TIFF (.tif, .tiff), JPEG (.jpg, .jpe, .jeg, .jpeg), and FITS (.fit, .fits, .fts) formats. FITS-raw files are supported. Compressed TIFF and FITS images are not supported.

TIFF images in 8- or 16-bit depth are supported. RegiStar reads 8-, 16-, and 32-bit integer and 32- and 64-bit floating point FITS images, but an image with bit-depth greater than 16 is internally converted to 16 bits. JPEG images are only supported in 8-bit depth.

When RegiStar is first installed on a computer, it runs as a free evaluation version in which saving is disabled. You can convert an evaluation version into a fully functional copy of RegiStar by purchasing a License Key. Press the Download link for additional detail.

RegiStar includes a robust Help system. A short tutorial that introduces the user interface is included. Several how-to pages give step-by-step intructions for performing common tasks such as preprocessing, stacking, and forming mosaics. Most dialogs have buttons that link to an associated, detailed Help page.

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