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RegiStar License Agreement

You should carefully read the following terms and conditions before installing this program. Continuing with the installation indicates your acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you do not agree with them, you should remove this program from your computer.

This software, together with its on-line documentation, is Copyright (c) 2000-2022 by Auriga Imaging and is protected under Canadian and international copyright law.

A single purchase of this program gives you a single-user license. Upon first purchase, you are given a License Key for one particular computer. You are entitled to install the program on additional computers provided that all computers are personally owned by you and you are the primary user on all of them. You may be granted additional License Keys by contacting Auriga Imaging. Auriga Imaging reserves the right to deny requests for additional License Keys at its discretion.

Copies of this software may be freely distributed, so long as they are distributed in the original installer form. This software may not be distributed in any other form.

Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of this software and the documentation, Auriga Imaging makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the correctness of the software or documentation, or the correctness of the operations performed.

Auriga Imaging specifically disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall Auriga Imaging be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages.

See limitations regarding third-party software used in RegiStar.

This Agreement shall be construed, interpreted, and governed by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

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