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RegiStar Details
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Automatic image registration for astrophotography

RegiStar is a toolkit for deep-sky imagers. It allows several images, possibly taken with different telescopes and cameras, to be processed into a final composite image. Operations require only minimal user input. Common file types, including raw images from cameras with a Bayer grid, are supported.

RegiStar’s unique strength is completely automated yet fully versatile image alignment, or registration. RegiStar finds the stars in an image and uses their positions to align the image to another image or group of images. A sophisticated matching algorithm allows images at different scales and orientations and with only a small overlap to be registered to subpixel accuracy, with geometric distortion corrected.

Here is what users have said since RegiStar was first introduced in May 2000:

  • “Every time I use RegiStar I can’t believe how the software knows how to do what it does... that’s got to be some of the most amazing code ever written. RegiStar is one of my core softwares for image processing.”  Tony Hallas, Foresthill CA
  • “My passion in astrophotography for the last 20 years has been the creation of complex composites requiring the integration of image data often having wildly disparate image scales. I could not have accomplished any of my imaging projects without RegiStar. It has been absolutely essential for everything I do.”  Robert Gendler, Avon CT
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In addition, RegiStar performs dark-frame subtraction and flat-field correction, and also calibrates and assembles images after they have been registered. It can completely handle common astrophotography workflows such as forming mosaics, forming tricolor images, and stacking exposures. RegiStar is also designed so that other image-processing software can be used in conjunction with it.

Change the way you do astrophotography, with the power of RegiStar.

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