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I have used RegiStar for more than 10 years, to create large deep-sky mosaic images. In the same period, I have also tried many other programs that deal with mosaic images. None of them is as accurate, reliable, and easy to use as RegiStar. RegiStar is absolutely essential for my work. Wei-Hao Wang, Taiwan

I tried a wide-field shot of a planetary nebula and a CCD closeup with only a few stars in it, and it registered the CCD image perfectly as a little postage stamp within the wide film image. I see a few photographers doing that with galaxy images -- using a CCD to get the detailed image and a film shot to get the wide context shot. Very nice indeed. The program really opens up all kinds of possibilities for creating shots we never would have attempted before. Alan Dyer, Calgary AB

I just want to say again how wonderful RegiStar is. I have tested it exhaustively and it produces the most accurate registration that I have yet seen. And the fact that it is entirely automatic is a *huge* time saver. I am doing registration in a tiny fraction of the time that it took me before, and each time I know that it is working to best possible accuracy. For me, this product is a real breakthrough...RegiStar is simply one of those ‘magic’ software programs. Philip Perkins, U.K.

Great product! Can’t believe I ever did image processing before I bought RegiStar. Unbelievably easy to use, great documentation, superior results. Thanks a ton! Dave Landis, Dunedin FL

Let me say that RegiStar is an awesome program. It is easy to use and it handles such complex image processing that I sweat just watching RegiStar put my computer through such a workout...Thanks for a wonderful program. It has become a mainstay of my DSO processing. Jim Thibert, Oakville ON

I was finally able to see for myself how accurately RegiStar registers. Looking at the difference mode ... I could see all of the 20,000+ stars in the image had a near perfect black center with only the blooming difference showing up as white. Mike Cook, Huntertown IN

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