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RegiStar 1.0.7: What's New?

For an overview of the new features in RegiStar 1.0.7, see revision history. More detailed and complete descriptions of the enhancements in version 1.0.7 are given below.

Multiple-image processing:

  • The Register command now has two different forms: Single source and Multiple source. The first form is the previous version of the Register command, in which the active image is registered to a selected reference image. The new second form allows you to register an entire directory of images to the active image, either leaving the registered images open or saving them to disk. In the first form, you can now choose to close original (unregistered) images after a Register operation is complete; in the second form, original source images are automatically closed after they are sequentially processed.
  • The Calibrate command now lets you calibrate all open images in an image group to a specified reference image. Also, you can choose to close original (uncalibrated) images automatically after a Calibrate operation is complete.
  • The Crop/Pad command also now lets you crop or pad all open images in an image group, with the option of closing original images after completion. In addition, images can now be cropped or padded to the union or intersection of all open group images.
  • The new Open Group command lets you quickly open all previously saved images in an image group.
  • The Close All command has been modified to give the option of only closing images in the group of the active image.
  • The new Save All command lets you quickly save all open images, or all images in a specified image group, using RegiStar’s default file format and image name.

Registered image specification in the Register command:

  • The Registration control dialog now allows you to specify the dimensions of registered images. In addition to the previous Default dimensions, which preserve all of the original image data, you can now specify the dimensions of registered image(s) in relation to a selected image in the reference group. This new capability is especially useful for producing a stack of images all of which have the same dimensions, and often avoids the need for subsequent Crop/Pad commands.

Improved licensing system:

  • After the evaluation version of RegiStar is installed, it is now easier to buy RegiStar. A new Buy Registar button in the opening evalution screen gives you the option of having RegiStar automatically connect to the Auriga Imaging website to arrange payment, and then automatically install your License Key. You no longer need to manually enter your Program Code in order to receive a RegiStar License Key.
  • A new Activate RegiStar button on the opening evaluation screen allows you to install the full version of RegiStar on an additional computer, after an initial purchase. A connection is automatically made to the Auriga Imaging website to obtain a new License Key. Your most recent License Key, which you need to provide in order to obtain an additional License Key, can be emailed to you on request.
  • The Enter new RegiStar License Key button on the opening evaluation screen lets you manually enter a License Key you obtained by visiting the Auriga Imaging website, just as in earlier versions of RegiStar.
  • When the License Key for a registered installation of RegiStar becomes invalid due to a change in the configuration of the computer, a dialog is now presented that lets you automatically update the License Key to a valid one.

Support for multiuser operating systems:

  • RegiStar is now fully compliant with multiuser Windows operating systems including Windows XP and Windows 2000. After RegiStar is installed under an account with administrator privileges, it is available to all users on the computer. Each user’s individual Preferences settings, recent files lists, and RegiStar.ini file (which records information on the user's image groups), are retained separately.

Upgrading to version 1.0.7:

  • When earlier registered versions of RegiStar are upgraded to version 1.0.7, the previous licensing information is automatically updated in the Windows registry.
  • When earlier unregistered versions of RegiStar are upgraded to version 1.0.7, the evalution version is reset to 30 days, even if the previous unregistered version is expired.

Metrics (.rsm) files:

  • You can now choose whether these auxilliary data files are automatically saved for images not created by RegiStar (default option), never saved, or whether you should be prompted to save these files (as in earlier versions). For images created by RegiStar, these files are now automatically updated. Choosing the default option eliminates prompting for saving of metrics files for images not produced by RegiStar, and makes the handling of these files more transparent.

Preferences dialog:

  • The Preferences dialog has been expanded to include specification of the handling of metrics files (as above), and also reformatted into five sections in order to make it less cluttered. All previous settings are still available.

Updated scripting commands:

  • RegiStar’s scripting language has been fully updated to include support for the new multiple-image capabilities, as well as other new features.
    • The Calibrate scripting command now lets you calibrate several images using one command, and lets you choose to close original uncalibrated images afterwards.
    • The CloseAll scripting command has been updated to allow you to specify that only images in a selected image group are to be closed.
    • The Combine scripting command has been updated to allow all open images in a specified image group to be combined.
    • The CropPad scripting command has been updated to include the additional Crop/Pad functionality and also to allow multiple-image processing and the closing of original images.
    • The Open scripting command now lets you open all images in a specifed directory.
    • A new OpenGroup scripting command has been added.
    • The Register scripting command has been updated to include all features available in the interactive Register command, including the option to register multiple images and to specify the dimensions of the registered image(s).
    • The Save scripting command has been updated to allow an image to be saved to a specified directory using its default file format and image name.
    • A SaveAll scripting command has been added.
  • Because of changes to the scripting language to accommodate the new features, image IDs and labels can no longer begin with the underscore ( _ ) character. Otherwise, previous scripts should still run under version 1.0.7.

Updated Help system:

  • The online Help system has been updated, and includes full details on the new features in version 1.0.7 as well as previous features.
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