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RegiStar 1.0.9 Build History

The build history for RegiStar 1.0.9 is given below. Patches are released after the initial build as necessary, mostly to address bugs. These patches should be installed over an existing installation, without uninstalling the existing installation first.

  • Build 8164, Feb. 14, 2018: a patch to fix missing FITS options in the Open dialog.
  • Build 8126, Jan. 7, 2018: a patch to fix a small glitch in display scaling.
  • Build 7568, Jun. 28, 2016: a patch to preserve ICC profiles in saved TIFF images.
  • Build 7435, Feb. 16, 2016: the initial release of RegiStar 1.0.9.

See revision history for a list of the features added in version 1.0.9.

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