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RegiStar 1.0.8 Build History

The build history for RegiStar 1.0.8 is given below. Patches are released after the initial build as necessary, mostly to address bugs. These patches should be installed over an existing installation, without uninstalling the existing installation first.

  • Build 7238, Aug. 4, 2015: a patch to fix a problem with the reading of large TIFF images.
  • Build 7192, Jun. 19, 2015: a patch to fix a crash that could occur during a locate-stars operation of a newly created image with display scaling selected, especially during a multiple-source registration.
  • Build 7182, Jun. 8, 2015: a patch to fix a crash that could occur when a very long path to an image location was entered.
  • Build 7167, May 24, 2015: a patch to allow newer versions of Windows Photo Viewer and other image-editing programs to read RegiStar-produced TIFF images.
  • Build 7160, May 17, 2015: a minor patch to display the country from a drop-down list on purchase and to restore the appearance of (64 bit) or (32 bit) to the reporting of RegiStar in the Task Manager.
  • Build 7151, May 8, 2015: a patch to fix a crash that could occur in a multiple-source registration involving a large number of images with the release-image-data option selected, and also a crash that occurred whenever the name of a previous registration was selected in the Registration control.
  • Build 7131, Apr. 18, 2015: a patch to repair the functionality of the Browse buttons for the source and destination directories in the Multiple-source Registration control.
  • Build 7116, Apr. 17, 2015: the initial release of RegiStar 1.0.8.
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