RegiStar Details
RegiStar Details
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RegiStar 1.0.10 Other Enhancements

For a list of the key new features in RegiStar 1.0.10 see revision history. Additional enhancements are listed below.

  • The Calibrate “all open images” option now iteratively calibrates images even if they have no overlap with the originally selected reference image.
  • Calibrate also includes an option to apply only a linear stretch.
  • Multiple and difference view now only display reference images that overlap with the active image, sorted by overlap.
  • Register and Calibrate are now somewhat faster.
  • Locate Stars yields more complete star recognition on linear images.
  • Screen-display calculations are now multithreaded, resulting in faster screen drawing.
  • Display caching is implemented for raw images, resulting in smooth scrolling even for these complex images.
  • A No-to-all option allows all unsaved images to be closed without saving, to quickly end a session.
  • The upper status bar and toolbar have been enhanced to provide additional information and give easier access to commonly used features.
  • Implementation of bicubic interpolation has been modified to reduce the prominence of black rings that could appear around bright stars.
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