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RegiStar 1.0.10 Other Enhancements

For a list of the key new features in RegiStar 1.0.10 see revision history. Additional enhancements are listed below.

  • The Calibrate command now includes an option to apply only a linear stretch.
  • The upper status bar and toolbar have been enhanced to provide additional information and give easier access to commonly used features.
  • A No-to-all option allows all unsaved images to be closed without saving, to quickly end a session.
  • Display and raw parameters in effect for an image when it is closed are retained and read when the image is reopened, so the image displays when opened just as it did when last closed.
  • The Preferences dialog has been expanded to include default settings for raw-image handling, display control, and interpolation options.
  • Multiple and difference view now only display reference images that overlap with the active image, sorted by overlap.
  • Register and Calibrate are now somewhat faster.
  • Locate Stars yields more complete star recognition on linear images.
  • Screen-display calculations are now multithreaded, resulting in faster screen drawing.
  • Display caching is implemented for raw images, resulting in smooth scrolling even for these complex images.
  • Implementation of bicubic interpolation has been modified to reduce the prominence of black rings that could appear around bright stars.
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