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The easiest way to purchase RegiStar is to install the evaluation version and then press the Buy RegiStar button on the welcome screen and select the first option, instead of using the form below. If you have obtained the necessary Program Code by pressing the second option, you may instead use the form below. See Ordering RegiStar for more information.

The Name and Program Code fields below are required. You may pay online by credit card using PayPal, or print out an order form and remit payment by check, money order, or bank draft. Your Email address is required for credit-card payments.

Email address:
Program Code:

The following two fields are optional. For statistical and marketing purposes, we would appreciate knowing the country you live in. It is also occasionally helpful to us to be able to contact you by telephone, in response to a query by you. We do not require either of these fields to be completed in order to process your order, and we do not use any information provided by you for any other purposes. In particular, we do not pass on any personal information to any third parties.


If the information above is correct, click the "Order Now" button below to proceed.

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