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Purchasing RegiStar gives you a single-user license. When you buy RegiStar, you are given a License Key for one particular computer. You are entitled to install RegiStar on an additional computer provided that it is personally owned by you and you are the primary user of it. In order to install RegiStar on another computer, you need a License Key for that computer.

You may also need another License Key to re-install RegiStar if your computer's configuration changes.

You can get an additional License Key by pressing the Activate RegiStar button in the opening screen that appears when the evaluation version of RegiStar is run (the Register now button in RegiStar versions 1.0.1 through 1.0.6). You can either request that RegiStar connect to the Auriga Imaging website to obtain the additional License Key, or instead fill out the information below. Auriga Imaging reserves the right to deny a request for an additional License Key at its discretion.

The following 3 fields are required. Enter the Program Code that the evaluation version of RegiStar reports on the new computer on which you want to install RegiStar. You must enter the most recent License Key you have been given.

Your Name:
Program Code:
Most Recent License Key:

If you don't know your most recent License Key, you can request that it be sent to you by email. You can obtain the License Key for your registered version of RegiStar by running RegiStar and opening the Help > About RegiStar menu item.

If you cannot provide all of this information, and would like to request another License Key personally, send us an email message .

If all the information above is correct, click the button below to proceed.

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