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This composite image of the Pelican Nebula was formed by combining 5 exposures taken with a 5-inch refractor. Color film was used for 2 of these exposures and black-and-white Technical Pan film for the other 3. All exposures were taken by Rajiv Gupta.


RegiStar was used to align the various exposures. The black-and-white ones were digitally stacked by RegiStar, as were the color ones. Adobe Photoshop was used to produce the final image.


See the close-ups of the Pelican's head from 2 of the original images and the final image, below.

The original color photo above exhibits coarse grain and low contrast. The Technical Pan exposure at the upper right has much finer grain and better resolution. The composite image at the right combines the fine detail of the black-and-white image with the color information in the color image. The Lab color model was used in Photoshop to merge the component images, after they were aligned by RegiStar.


Click here to see a description of how the RegiStar/Photoshop Lab technique was used to form an image of the faint nebula IC 1396.

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